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~ Wednesday, February 23 ~

Musing: Will there be time to run in law school?

My life has been relaxed recently.  My schedule is my own: I make it as busy or as free as I like.  This means that I have been able to fill my spring calendar with race after race, and plot training schedules to the day and the mile. How will this change when I begin law school? Will my body become super-charged to the point where I can wake up early and run before class everyday? Will my runs be energizing instead of energy-depleting? At this juncture, I am telling myself that of course I will make time for running and the occasional 5k (and don’t think I haven’t researched half-marathons in each city I’m considering attending school)- but is this realistic? I will not know until I get there, but if my law school life is anything like Scott Turow’s in 1L, then my training days look like they will be few and far between. I sure hope not…

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  1. syfynerd said: I run MWF every week. I don’t know about races (I’m an incredibly slow runner), but I’m sure you could fit some in! You can’t let those “1L” books scare you. Like your transition from HS to college, just settle into a schedule that works for you!
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