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~ Tuesday, February 22 ~

Law School Mingling

The hardest part of the law school application process is behind me: I’ve done my undergrad degree, I’ve taken the LSAT (twice), I’ve written my personal statement, and I’ve sent off my applications.  However, even though all of that is done, the law school stress is far from over.   I am at the point in the application process where I am hearing back from schools, and starting to make my decision of where to attend.  Many factors go into this decision: location, tuition, bar passage rates, job prospects, camaraderie of students, etc…  It is almost impossible to make an informed decision without visiting the school or at least speaking with current students and professors.  Luckily, law schools know that we have options and know that we will be deciding between several institutions.  In addition to accepted student’s days on campus, many law schools have begun offering “regional” events where accepted students can meet each other, meet alumni, and beginning formulating a feel for the school. Today, I have the first of these events.  It is a cocktails and hors d’oeuvres event for accepted students and alumni at a restaurant along the East River in Manhattan.  While I am looking forward to meeting some of my potential future classmates, I am also nervous about the event itself.  I am not sure exactly what to expect. What should I wear?  The invitation says “business attire”.  I wear business clothes to work, but are they the right kind of “business attire”?  Will the other students be nice? Will everyone be trying to impress each other?  I guess I will have the answers to these questions by the end of the night, tonight.  And so it begins, the law school mingling and decision making….

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